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Schneider Electric and EcoDataCenter partner to produce a climate-positive data centre

Schneider Electric and EcoDataCenter have teamed up with the shared goal of advancing sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the data center world.

Schneider Electric focuses on digital transformation of energy management and automation, while EcoDataCenter is a climate-positive data center specialist.

The pair are set to build an ultra-low-carbon-footprint data center at their HPC colocation in Falun, Sweden. The top level goal is to make this one of the most sustainable data centers in the Nordics.

Schneider Electric integrated EcoStruxure for Cloud - Service Providers into EcoDataCenter's new build.

With EcoStruxure as an open architecture, EcoDataCenter was able to connect existing hardware, software, and monitoring through the platform's analytics and services.

EcoDataCenter now has connected sensor and meter data generating analytic reports on the data centers operational efficiency and its sustainability index.

Connected Services Hub now remotely monitors critical sensors, and gives EcoDataCenter 24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting by Schneider Electric's team of service engineers.

Additionally, Schneider's Connected Services Hub provides remote monitoring and 24/7 access to EcoDataCenter's critical facility.

Specifically, Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Building Operation, Galaxy VX UPS with lithium-Ion, and MasterPact MTZ are some of the solutions that will be used in the colocation facility.

Furthermore, two Uniflair Turbocor Chillers add to facility climate control, supplementing the usually low Nordic temperatures, especially during summer's humidity.

Within EcoStruxure's architecture, four Galaxy VX UPSs support 1,250 kW of customer load in its 99% efficiency ECOnversion Mode.

This backup power frees up energy that can be diverted to clients, the company states. EcoDataCenter states it partnered with Schneider Electric due to the company's record of power management and ability to provide customer-server uptime and energy efficiency.

When building a data center, EcoDataCenter states it considers the well-being of the community first. As such, monitoring, efficiency, and connectivity are key aspects of EcoStruxure, resulting in EcoDataCenter being able to recycle the facility's heat waste to local utilities.

EcoDataCenter uses that efficiency to give back to the local grid, allowing them to go beyond net-zero emissions and achieve climate positivity.

EcoDataCenter chief technology officer Mikael Svanfeldt says, "With the solutions coming from Schneider Electric, we expect to achieve a PUE of 1.15 and combining that with renewable power, we will make sure that we are one of the most sustainable data centers in the Nordics and hopefully in the world.

Schneider Electric VP secure power Nordic and Baltics Christina Backlund says, “Schneider Electric is honored to partner with EcoDataCenter to deliver its vision to be the world's first climate positive colocation data center.

"Working together, EcoDataCenter and Schneider have proved it is entirely practical for a well architected data center to be both efficient and resilient whilst meeting sustainability goals, in this case benefiting the environment as well as the local community."

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