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Colt DCS & Protiviti launch telemetry tool for efficient data centres
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Colt Data Centre Services (Colt DCS) and consulting firm Protiviti have jointly introduced the Central Telemetry Platform, a tool based on real-time telemetry data designed to aid customers in managing their data centre workloads. This new global solution allows users to monitor power usage and temperatures within data centres. This information can then be used to shift processing loads to regions where they are more cost-effective and to keep track of equipment maintenance.

This platform gathers local data and merges it into a single platform, which can be accessed through an API. Customers can then seamlessly monitor the insights collected owing to the software's ability to create their applications. This tool offers real-time responses, providing businesses with relevant insights and assisting procedures such as decision-making and strategic planning.

Quy Nguyen, Chief Sales Officer at Colt DCS, emphasised the increasing demand from hyperscale customers for real-time reporting metrics in their data centres. He highlighted how Colt DCS's Central Telemetry Platform meets this need, positioning the company as the preferred partner for hyperscale Cloud Service Providers and large enterprises.

Nguyen noted, "There is a growing need for our hyperscale customers to have access to live reporting metrics for their data centres, so they are equipped with the information they need to succeed. The Central Telemetry Platform positions Colt DCS as the partner of choice for hyperscale Cloud Service Providers and large enterprises and supports our innovative and sustainable approach, as well as our goal to be the most customer-centric data centre operator."

"Working alongside Protiviti, with its extensive experience of data and analytics, has helped us to bring an innovative solution to the market that will bring significant benefits to our customers."

Able to increase efficiencies, reliability, and cost savings, this tool could potentially enhance the sustainability goals of sites by improving energy consumption. This marks another step towards sustainable practices in the data centre industry, a crucial move considering the sector's vast energy use.

Michelle Moody, Managing Director of Data and Analytics at Protiviti, expressed her excitement about working with Colt DCS and emphasised the advantages of this new tool: "Static reports are a thing of the past. Interactive dashboards allow for deep dives and granular analysis on key data centre metrics, providing businesses with the insights they need to thrive."

"We are excited by the opportunity to support Colt DCS on its journey of innovation for customers. We are always looking at ways to solve ongoing business challenges, and the new platform delivers speed, transparency, and deep insights on key metrics within data centres," said Moody. 

This partnership between Colt DCS and Protiviti thus marks an important milestone in the data centre industry. It constitutes an innovative solution that leverages real-time data to drive efficient and sustainable practices.