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AppOmni expands to Sydney with new data centre amid rising APAC demand
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

AppOmni, a SaaS security firm, has unveiled a new data centre in Sydney, Australia. Hosted by Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the data centre serves as the provider for AppOmni's comprehensive SaaS security solutions. This development is a strategic response to the rising demand in the APAC region for advanced security measures to protect against sophisticated threats to SaaS applications.

This initiative is crucial in accommodating both private and public organisations that need to adhere to Australia's data sovereignty regulations. This includes the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. These concerns over data sovereignty and security aren't exclusive to Australian shores, but are shared by 25% of Fortune 100 companies that depend on AppOmni for their SaaS security.

Google Cloud Platform, as AppOmni’s Australian cloud data centre provider, ensures technical and organisational security measures that align with globally and locally recognised security assurance frameworks and certifications. These include APRA, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27701, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3. The IRAP-certified data centre aims to uphold the data privacy and data sovereignty requirements of businesses, critical infrastructure sectors, and government agencies alike.

The data centre will provide much-needed support for Australia-New Zealand organisations, granting them local access to AppOmni's cutting-edge SaaS Security Posture Management Service. The presence of regional data centres ensures lower latency and quicker response times, enhancing end-user experience and application performance.

The newly established facility also boasts the ability to provide robust monitoring of SaaS services in the APAC region. It focuses on efficient and proactive resource allocation to support increased user volumes and peaks of data traffic, minimising the risk of service disruptions and data loss.

Brendan O’Connor, CEO and co-founder of AppOmni, comments on the significance of this move. "In the rapidly evolving SaaS threat landscape, it's important to maintain a robust security posture," O’Connor states. "As AppOmni leads the way in SaaS Security Posture Management, our expansion into Australia and the addition of the data centre represents a significant milestone in our own global growth. We are committed to helping our customers and partners in APAC meet local compliance standards — including APRA and ISM — and leverage insights gained from our experiences worldwide."

As cyber threats continue to evolve and data sovereignty increasingly comes to the fore, AppOmni's newest data centre reinforces its commitment to uphold international and local compliance standards, the company states. As such, it's clear that the expansion into Australia isn't just a move for AppOmni, but notable for the broader APAC region in its fight against the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.