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Hyve and Remarkable partner to reduce cloud downtime on Black Friday
Fri, 24th Nov 2023

Hyve Managed Hosting, a Brighton-based cloud provider, has announced its partnership with leading e-commerce platform, Remarkable, to ensure server uptime around Black Friday shopping.

This comes after Remarkable previously faced the loss of up to 10,000 orders a day due to cloud downtime. The partnership has led to the virtualisation of Remarkable's infrastructure, allowing it to dynamically scale its cloud resources up and down dependent on traffic.

Remarkable Commerce, a leading eCommerce platform, stated how Hyve Managed Hosting, a global cloud hosting provider, has provided a powerful, custom private cloud solution to manage spikes in customer traffic.

This ensures an uninterrupted experience during the Black Friday sales frenzy, a crucial time for the commerce company and its retail customers, including Ben Sherman, Moss Bros and M&Co. The new solution facilitates accurate resource planning as it assists in dealing with heavy and unpredictable traffic on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Prior to the partnership with Hyve, Remarkable had to add new dedicated servers each year to handle the surge in Black Friday customer traffic. This process had significant cost implications, and the need for continuous scaling led to resource challenges and potential delays in responding to server issues. There were also considerable impacts on Remarkable's customers, who experienced virtual queues and disruptions in service.

However, with Hyve's private cloud solution now implemented, Remarkable Commerce can effectively manage traffic surges during peak retail periods. The hosting company works directly with Remarkable to regularly perform stress tests leading up to Black Friday, ensuring accurate resource planning. Hyve also actively monitor the servers around-the-clock, providing a proactive response to any unexpected surge in traffic.

Despite a 43% increase in new users on Black Friday compared to 2021, Hyve's cloud solution and continuous engineering support permitted Remarkable to instantly rectify any unexpected issues. This association eliminated virtual queues for customers, resulting in an 89% increase in successful transactions on Black Friday compared to the three weeks before the annual retail event.

Bradlie Houldsworth, sales and strategy director at Remarkable Commerce, said: "Our high-performance commerce platforms enable mid-sized retailers to compete on a level playing field with larger rivals but only if our cloud solution can handle similar amounts of traffic during their busiest and most lucrative periods."

"Hyve's cloud technology gives us the confidence to scale our resources to meet demand and, most importantly, it gives our clients peace of mind that they can focus on driving an unlimited amount of marketing traffic to their online storefronts without spending time worrying about it crippling under pressure."

Jake Madders, co-founder and director of Hyve Managed Hosting, added: "We specialise in creating bespoke cloud solutions that work for our clients, whatever they need. We know how important it is that Remarkable and its own customers experience zero downtime during one of the busiest days of the year in eCommerce. We'll always be on hand to work with them closely and make sure their cloud solution scales as they do."