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Google, Danfoss partner for AI & energy-efficient data centres
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

Google and Danfoss, the Danish multinational engineering conglomerate, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and energy efficient solutions for data centres. The partnership will involve Danfoss utilising Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities to enhance the customer experience, streamline company work processes and boost productivity across the organisation.

These objectives will be achieved through the use of AI to gather and highlight information, automate knowledge, produce product descriptions, and create solutions with chatbots in e-commerce. The partnership will also see Danfoss and Google collaborating to introduce sustainable cooling systems within data centres, and design systems that repurpose the excess heat generated by these systems.

As a global front-runner in energy-efficient solutions, Danfoss is set to work with Google to implement its Turbocor compressors in data centres. When skilfully integrated by OEM partners, these compressors provide solutions that are both exceedingly efficient and reliable. This initiative aims to enhance data centre energy efficiency, and initiate decarbonisation of heating and cooling systems.

The partnership will also allow Danfoss' heat reuse modules to enable Google to collect and reuse heat produced by data centres. This will provide a source of renewable energy for on-site heating and heating for neighbouring commercial and residential buildings, communities, and industries which require heat for their processes. Danfoss' expertise in decarbonisation solutions will thus be leveraged to enhance data centre sustainability not only across Europe but on a global scale.

This new agreement was announced during the AHR Expo in Chicago, USA and builds on prior collaboration between Google and Danfoss. Both companies were founding members of the Net Zero Innovation Hub in Fredericia, Denmark. Jrgen Fischer, President of Danfoss Climate Solutions, commented on the partnership: "At Danfoss, we want to revolutionise how we build and decarbonise data centres together with our customers. When we partner across industries, like we have done with Google, we accelerate this development towards building better and more sustainable data centres - using technologies available today."

J.P. Clausen, Google's Vice President of Data Centre Innovation, echoed Mr. Fischer's enthusiasm, stating, "This is a great example of a partnership utilising each others strengths and using technology to optimise the customer experience, increase productivity and reach sustainability goals. Danfoss is a leader in energy efficiency, and these solutions help support Googles 2030 goal of running our data centres on carbon-free energy 24/7. We're happy to deliver AI innovation through Google Cloud, enabling businesses like Danfoss to operate in new and smarter ways."