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Data centre containment solutions market to hit $3.17bn
Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

The global sales of Data Center Containment Solutions are forecasted to reach approximately US$ 3.17 billion by 2034, according to a recent report by Fact.MR, a provider of market research and competitive intelligence.

The projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5% will see revenue from global sales of these solutions skyrocket from an estimated US$ 820.7 million in 2024. This boom in sales presents a profitable opportunity for market players, fuelled mainly by heightened investment in data centers by large corporations.

Data center containment solutions, which involve strategies and technologically-based methods used within data center environments, are primarily designed to control airflow and temperature. The goal of these solutions is to create an environment that enhances cooling efficacy, reduces power usage, and enables the seamless operation of IT equipment. Common strategies within this sector include the use of physical barriers such as aisle containment systems and the management of airflow.

As the report predicts, by 2034, North America will command approximately 31.5% of the global market share for data center containment solutions. The market for these solutions in East Asia is expected to reach US$ 192.9 million in 2024. This growth is stimulated by an increasing demand for big data and analytics across numerous industries, including BFSI, telecom, IT, and healthcare.

Other factors, such as the growing online presence of both small and major retail businesses spurred by the e-commerce industry's expansion, have raised the demand for highly efficient data centers. Therefore, it can be anticipated that this will further boost the demand for containment solutions throughout the forecast period.

Regions that are particularly robust in the data center containment solution market include North America and Europe. The widespread adoption of the internet of things (IoT) and cloud and edge computing technologies are just some of the reasons why these regions have seen significant growth, offering buoyant growth prospects. Governmental initiatives worldwide aimed at enhancing digital infrastructure are also contributing to an upward trajectory in this market.

Key drivers of the data center containment market include continuous technological advancements that allow businesses to store enormous volumes of data in limited spaces. This provides opportunities for small businesses to affordably embrace online data storage, aligning it with evolving industry demands. An increase in data storage efficiency leads to a growing customer base and business advantages, creating a mutually beneficial situation for both consumers and enterprises.

The companies operating in the data center containment solution market cultivate their competitive position by focusing on identifying potential targets for mergers and acquisitions. This focus is in order to champion innovations, raise investments in new business areas, and bolster their competitive position. The key players in this market include The Siemon Company, Vertiv Group Corp, Eaton Corp PLC, Tate Access Floors, Inc., Legrand SA, and Polargy, Inc. among others.