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Cubbit unveils DS3 Composer for resilient cloud storage
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

Europe's first distributed cloud storage enabler, Cubbit, has taken bold strides in data storage with its announcement at CloudFest 2024 concerning the general availability of DS3 Composer. Revered for its swift, easy-to-build approach, the DS3 Composer enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and enterprises to create their own sovereign, hyper-resilient, S3-compatible object storage within minutes.

Offering both cost efficiency and easy data management with (4) clear steps to set up, this ground-breaking cloud solution allows operators to retain control over data, infrastructure, and finances. Significantly, the DS3 Composer facilitates cost reductions ranging from 50% to 90% in comparison to conventional cloud storage and on-site storage. The launch of DS3 Composer, following its successful November 2023 launch, forms part of Cubbit's ambitious objective to provide this transformative solution across Europe through vital technology partnerships, including those established with HPE and Equinix.

By harnessing Cubbit's own DS3 technology, DS3 Composer arranges resources in geo-distributed networks, with each network node able to offer both access and capacity via the S3 protocol. Customizing these networks according to clients' business needs bolsters their digital independence, meeting compliance regulations and supporting sustainability goals. At the same time, DS3 Composer can create new revenue streams for partners by offering a fully-customizable cloud experience, including features such as double ransomware protection—client-side and server-side—to safeguard against potential cyber attacks.

Cubbit also incorporates clients from various sectors who have opted for the service, including $4.9B cybersecurity global distributor Exclusive Networks and $14B world leader in defence and cybersecurity, Leonardo, among several other European firms.

DS3 Composer stands up to the increasingly critical sustainability goals by prolonging storage hardware lifespan, reducing electronic waste and minimizing carbon footprint. With the ability to run on any hardware and VM and a user-friendly interface; this novel platform allows full resource control to each tenant. By enabling the establishment of dedicated, certified storage regions specifically for unique industries, Cubbit partners can create distributed networks perfectly suited for regional regulations impacting those sectors.

Vice President of Product and Partnerships at Cubbit, Enrico Signoretti, commented on DS3 Composer's objectives: "Distributed cloud computing powerfully simplifies data management and places data and cost control back into the hands of customers… DS3 Composer enables enterprises and partners to not only benefit from fully personalised cloud storage but at the same time eradicate a number of complex challenges organisations are struggling with today such as compliance and data sovereignty regulations, cyber-crime threats, growing demands at the edge and unexpected storage costs."

Notably, by placing users' choice at the heart of the network's design, this new platform eliminates the need for data storage in centralized data centres and replaces it with multiple layers of security, encryption, and fragmentation across different geo-fenced locations. Such robust measures alleviate specific data sovereignty concerns, while providing data control and hyper-resiliency against ransomware and regional or local disasters, aligning Cubbit's DS3 Composer with stringent compliance regulations. Cubbit distinguishes itself as a 'cloud enabler' rather than a 'cloud provider' or competitor by collaboratively supplementing existing cloud providers to achieve a higher level of data sovereignty and resiliency, and broadening their market reach.