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Centerprise International holds esteemed place in UK public cloud frameworks
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

Centerprise International, known for its prowess in providing cloud-based solutions, has earned a high-status position in two of the UK's most influential public sector cloud frameworks: the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Cloud Compute 2, and the Yorkshire Procurement Organisation (YPO) Cloud Services, Data Centre Management and Transformation Solutions Framework. This milestone highlights Centerprise International's dedication to executing excellent cloud services through its avant-garde CiCloud offering.

The company's placement in these SME-friendly frameworks nominates Centerprise International as a reliable partner for government and public sector bodies in need of secure, scalable, and affordable cloud solutions. Centerprise International's flagship cloud platform, CiCloud, delivers a wide-ranging suite of services, which include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). This array of services suitably meets the diverse requirements of public sector entities.

Jeremy Nash, CEO at Centerprise International, expressed the company's pride with their latest achievement stating, "We are incredibly proud to have been chosen as a supplier on these frameworks. This recognition is a testament to the quality, security, and value proposition of our CiCloud offering, and we are confident that it will empower public sector organisations to transform their IT operations and achieve their digital goals."

The CCS Cloud Compute 2 framework offers a simplified procurement process for public sector establishments to access cloud computing services from approved suppliers. In a similar vein, the YPO framework provides public sector bodies with a pathway to procure a diverse range of cloud services, data centre management solutions, and transformation expertise from pre-qualified vendors.

Jeremy Nash further commented on the commitment of Centerprise International towards supporting public sector organisations’ digital transformation journeys. He said, "By leveraging the power of CiCloud, public sector bodies can improve their operational efficiency, deliver better services to citizens, and achieve their strategic objectives."

The inclusion of CiCloud in these frameworks offers a variety of key benefits to public sector organisations. These benefits include excellent security and compliance, as CiCloud adheres to the top security standards and complies with all relevant government regulations to ensure the safe and secure handling of sensitive data. It also promises improved agility and scalability, allowing public sector organisations to equip and adjust their IT infrastructure to swiftly meet changing demands.

The cost-effectiveness of the CiCloud offering is another significant benefit. By using a pay-as-you-go model, CiCloud assists public sector organisations in optimising their IT expenditure while eliminating upfront capital expenditure. Finally, Centerprise International affirms exemplary support by providing a dedicated team of cloud experts who offer comprehensive assistance and guidance to public sector organisations throughout their cloud journey.