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CyrusOne & HireHigher inspire students towards data centre careers
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

HireHigher and CyrusOne have teamed up to approach the ongoing skills shortage in the data centre industry head-on by inspiring 60 students from Gunnersbury Catholic School and Isleworth and Syon School about the perks of a career in the sector. The day was filled with interactive workshops and insightful data centre tours.

This initiative is the second of its kind under the robust partnership between HireHigher and CyrusOne, a global data centre development and operation operator. CyrusOne's commitment to compelling bright young minds to consider the data centre industry as a prospective career pathway motivates this strong collaboration.

Data centres are the invisible gears turning the digital world, and enlightening students about their crucial role and the multitude of job opportunities they present was a primary agenda of the day. A panel of employed personnel from CyrusOne and HireHighers' Rising Star Program, consisting of graduates and apprentices, shared the curtain and unpacked their journeys into the industry.

Beyond chats and panels, the youngsters also participated in two interactive workshops designed to help identify their areas of potential impact and translate them into future roles and team dynamics. One of these sessions was orchestrated by The Young People Index.

The second allure of the day was an exciting session on Artificial Intelligence conducted by CyrusOne's Aashna Puri, Director of Strategy and Sustainability. A mock assessment centre exercise highlighting the potential change AI can usher in, both personally and professionally, was also included.

Adelle Desouza, Founder of HireHigher, expressed her excitement about CyrusOne hosting another insightful day for the sixth formers. The students' reactions and the volley of questions on power consumption, green solutions, and financial investment following the data centre tour testified to the experience's eye-opening impact on them. The industry's significance and role in everyday life was a sudden revelation for many.

Desouza reiterated the importance of such initiatives, stating, "If the industry is serious about hiring the best talent, it needs to light a fire in more bellies, and these events do that." With several similar events on the horizon, she hopes to highlight the abundant opportunities the data centre industry presents to hundreds more students.

Steve Hayward, VP Operations Europe at CyrusOne, was glad to continue hosting this initiative, which exposes students who might otherwise miss out on the spectrum of career opportunities in the data sector. He stressed transparency in the industry, which is usually perceived as secretive: "We are often seen as a 'secretive' industry, but there are so many rewarding careers it is important we demonstrate that."

Hayward noted, "Also, we need to show young people that we are listening to them and that they understand how important they are to the future of the industry."

The partnership between HireHigher and CyrusOne exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing the skills shortage in the data centre industry. By engaging and inspiring students through interactive workshops, insightful tours, and exposure to real-world applications like Artificial Intelligence, this initiative not only educates but also ignites interest in a career path often overlooked. As the program continues to expand, it promises to shed light on the vast opportunities within the data centre sector, ensuring a brighter future for both aspiring professionals and the industry as a whole.