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AtNorth's sustainability efforts earn award nominations
Mon, 22nd Jan 2024

Renowned Nordic colocation and artificial intelligence service provider, atNorth, begins 2024 on a high note, as the company has been shortlisted in the Best Sustainable Customer Project and Circular Economy Company of the Year categories for the Sustainability in Tech Awards 2024. This represents the first official recognition for the company in the new year.

The purpose of the Sustainability in Tech Awards is to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of companies within the IT sector that are positively impacting the fight against global warming and making advancements towards Net Zero. Highlighted specifically for its continued drive in sustainable data centre solutions, atNorth's nomination is a testament to the innovative design of its SWE01 campus located in Sweden.

All new atNorth campuses are integrated with heat re-use technology, enabling direct liquid cooling. The company stands out in the data centre industry due to its commitment to find the most sustainable solutions for client needs. The SWE01 campus, which was launched in 2022, was uniquely constructed to support artificial intelligence and high-performance workloads.

Utilising the latest direct liquid cooling technology, the facility also boasts a state-of-the-art heat reuse system which transfers up to 85% of the electricity used back into the local district heating system. This is achieved through a transformation into hot water, which can then heat approximately 20,000 apartments in the local vicinity.

Expressing his excitement at the news, Stephen Donovan, Chief Development Officer at atNorth, said, "As the demand for data centre capacity continues to increase it is more important than ever to address the environmental impact of powering data centre sites. We look forward to continuing to build new data centres and delivering our sustainable full-stack offering as the year continues."

In 2023, atNorth was recognised by several awarding institutions such as the Edie Net Zero Awards, The 2023 Energy Awards, the DCS Awards, The Electrical Review and Data Centre Review Excellence Awards, the Tech Capital Awards, Infrastructure Masons Awards, Dell Technologies Partner Awards and the National Sustainability Awards.

In the same year, atNorth made a significant acquisition of leading High Performance Computing (HPC) provider, Gompute. This move enabled a comprehensive full stack offering tailored to AI and other critical high-performance workloads. Sustainability forms the foundation of atNorth's mission with its data centres sourcing power from renewable energy resources and fostering circular economy principles.

The company operates seven data centres across strategic Nordic locations, and in Q4 2024, sites in Helsinki, Finland and Denmark will be operational. Additionally, a tenth site is ready to launch operations in Kouvola, Finland in 2025