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Action1 Corporation expands into European market with new German data centre
Fri, 15th Dec 2023

Action1 Corporation, a leading American firm specialising in risk-based patch management platforms, has announced its notable expansion into the increasingly significant European market. This decision follows a remarkable period of growth across North America in the 2022 - 2023 period. An element of this European region expansion includes the establishment of a new data centre in Frankfurt, Germany, affirming the company's commitment to stringent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Identifying the increasing need for European companies to actively tackle vulnerabilities and respond to ransomware threats, Action1's move is timely. Statista, a reputable market and consumer data provider, indicates that organisations may take up to 290 days to address vulnerabilities, leaving them exposed to potential cyberattacks. Given the European Council has labelled ransomware as a major EU cyber threat, where 60% of impacted organisations contemplate making ransom payments, there's a strong rationale for Action1's entry into this market.

The company's modern cloud-native platform aims to support European organisations in identifying, prioritising, and remediating vulnerabilities. By bolstering their security posture, Action1 intends to enable these organisations to respond more effectively to the current cyber threat landscape.

In addition to this, Action1 is set to expand its regional presence. It plans to establish a local foothold in the UK, France, and the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). This strategy underlines a customer-centric approach, focusing on aligning closely with European client needs. As per its commitment to data privacy, the Frankfurt data centre will facilitate compliance with GDPR standards, ensuring data residency and sovereignty are maintained. European customers will also have the added benefit of personalised support, accessible 24/7 within their time zone.

Mike Walters, the President and co-founder of Action1, expressed optimism about the expansion into Europe. "We are excited to bring our proven expertise in vulnerability remediation to European organisations and assist them in staying ahead of emerging threats," said Walters. He also revealed future plans, stating, "In the future, we plan to strengthen our presence within the EU market by expanding further, hiring additional personnel, and growing our partner network."

Given the increasing demand for advanced cybersecurity solutions, Action1's expansion into the European market and its particular focus on ensuring GDPR compliance represents a strategic move aligning with current market dynamics.