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'100s plan': Huawei Cloud's new aid for Chinese firms in Europe
Fri, 12th Jan 2024

Huawei Cloud recently announced a new initiative, the "Two 100s" plan, designed to assist Chinese businesses with expansion in Europe. The announcement was made during the Huawei Cloud China-Europe Leadership Forum which took place in Beijing on January 9th and saw representation from over 100 Chinese enterprises, EU institutions, national investment bodies, as well as global market experts. A Global Business Boosting 2.0 solution was also unveiled at the event.

Zhang Xiuzheng, Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei Cloud China, offered clarity on the company's proactivity to become a prime partner for internationals. He said, "Huawei Cloud recognises the importance of embracing a new era of technology... Huawei Cloud has been instrumental in helping [Europe] build the quality ICT infrastructure through innovative technologies." He also noted the company's role in transferring knowledge and cultivating local talent to ensure a better understanding of cloud tech for their professionals and partners.

In building better relations between China and Europe, Tim Tao, President of Huawei Cloud Europe, highlighted the significance of Europe in Huawei's global framework in his keynote speech. Tao stated that "during the 24 years of operations in Europe, Huawei has established 20 research institutes to serve Europe with technological innovation and speed up Europe's digital journey.” He mentioned Huawei Cloud will ensure increased investment in aligning with Europe's digital and green transformation strategies for better ecosystem building.

Also noteworthy is the four package initiative by Huawei Cloud called "Two 100s" Plan. This plan aims to assist 100 Chinese brands and 100 software partners to gain a foothold in Europe and expand their global marketplace. This will involve security compliance consulting, special provisions, cloud migration support, and application migration support.

In line with globalisation and digitalisation trends, the Global Business Boosting 2.0 solution intends to ease the challenges Chinese enterprises face when stepping into Europe's market. Pan Jie, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Europe emphasized the firm's global security compliance system based on experience from global operations and claimed that "Huawei Cloud has obtained more than 130 global security compliance certifications and released more than 20 security compliance packages."

Furthermore, Huawei Cloud's solid global infrastructure, KooVerse, ensures fast global access with a latency of 50ms. In the EU, there are seven regions including two in Ireland and Trkiye, providing over 110 stable and reliable cloud services to European enterprises. As such, this catalyses their digital transformation efforts.

With a vision to support business innovation and sustainable development, Huawei Cloud connects its customers to its five industry ecosystems, which include ICT, cloud services, devices, digital energy, and smart vehicles, as well as in collaboration with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

The Huawei Cloud China-Europe Leadership Forum will continue its sessions in Dongguan and Shanghai over the next fortnight, focussing on software ecosystem, Internet, and cross-border e-commerce to expedite Chinese enterprises' reach into Europe.